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Expose Ad widget on your website and grow revenue, more quickly. 100% free with up to 10x better CTR.

Boost your sales simple and fast

Optimize your website's sales performance with a fully customized Vaven widget.

Multiple types of Ad widgets

Create Ad widget with few simple steps like post on social media.

Vaven platform allows you to easily connect with publishers who are a good match for your target audience.

User can make a purchase directly through the ad. Simple and fast. The seller receives the money in his Vaven account, and the advertiser is entitled to a part of the amount from the sale.


up to 10x better CTR than industry standard


average increase in engagement rate


FREE to start selling without your own e-store

Place your Ad widget on any website

Create special offer with Vaven widget, expose it on your website or anywhere. Grow revenue easy and fast.

Recommendation tool

With Vaven, you can easily find the best websites to advertise your products or services, ensuring the highest possible return on investment (ROI) for your campaign. Vaven's use of ChatGPT to find the best websites for ad widgets is a game-changer for businesses looking to improve their online advertising strategy.

You choose where you want to advertise

At Vaven, we believe in giving our users complete control over their advertising campaigns. That's why we offer the flexibility to choose exactly where you want to advertise. Whether it's on specific websites or other digital channels, you can target the right audience and achieve the results you want.

Make an arrangement for advertising

Vaven is committed to transparency, which is why we facilitate direct communication between advertisers and publishers. This way, both parties can agree on the terms and pricing before starting any advertising campaign. By working together, advertisers and publishers can build a partnership based on trust and mutual benefit.

Set a budget that fits your business

With Vaven's Pay-as-you-go model, you can have complete control over your advertising budget. This means that you only pay for the clicks or views your ads generate, and you can set a daily budget limit to ensure that you never exceed your allocated budget. This model allows you to have a better understanding of your advertising expenses and avoid overspending.

Target your customer better

Vaven helps you find the best websites to build your own Ad network with the best ROI.

Earn money from your website

Advertise offers that fits your target customers and get paid from advertisers.

Set up a price list

You have complete control over your pricing as a publisher. You can set your own price list for every advertiser, becoming an ad partner and monetizing your website.

Vaven gives you adjustments on the fly and real-time results to ensure that you are getting the most out from your website and advertising budget.


Vaven is a platform where you can easily create and expose Ad widgets on your website and build your own Ad network that enables the most accurate targeting of end customers and selling without having your own e-store.

Exposing your special offer on your website will help you sell more. Vaven recommendation tool helps you find Ad partners with your target customers and to reach the best ROI for your campaign.

Send invitation to website you want to advertise. Beside personal message, you will make an informative offer for advertising with the start - end of campaign and estimated budget you want to spend.

Place your Ad widget on any website

Increase sales with Vaven widget on your website and place it where your end customers are.

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Up to 50k free impressions monthly on your website. No credit card required.

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