Reports & analytics

Understand how your customers interact with Ad widgets across your sites and throughout your Ad network.

Insights how your website is performing

All performance data from your websites are collecting in real-time. This way you can monitor each website and make smart optimization towards better ROI.

Monitor performance of Ad widgets

Vaven analytics and reporting tools allow businesses to compare the performance of their ad widgets across different websites. This can help you identify which websites are generating the best results and focus your advertising efforts on those sites. By comparing performance across different websites, you can also identify potential opportunities for growth and expansion into new markets and audiences.

Create custom reports

You can access a range of metrics and performance indicators, including click-through rates, conversion rates, revenue generated, and more. This data can be exported in a variety of formats, making it easy to import into other tools and systems for further analysis.

Get customer-centric measurement across your website and your Ad network, so you know what’s working and what’s not.

Get smarter insights to improve ROI

See how users engage with your Ad widgets across all websites. Vaven provides detailed analytics and reporting tools that allows you to track revenue and performance metrics in real-time. This can help you identify areas for improvement and optimize monetization strategies over time.

Wallet is integrated into platform

See how much revenue your website or Ad widgets generates whether it’s from integrated e-commerce or clicks. You can also see Ad revenue that your websites generate while advertising Ad widgets.

Sell more with Vaven

Build your own Ad network that enables the most accurate targeting of end customers and selling without having your own e-store.


Send invitation to any website or use recommendation tool to find best Ad partners with your target audience. Start advertising on websites with the best ROI.

Ecommerce integration

You don't have an on-line store and want to start selling digital products or physical products? No problem. Vaven widget has integrated e-store. It's activated in seconds and 100% free.


Vaven is a platform where you can easily create and expose Ad widgets on your website and build your own Ad network that enables the most accurate targeting of end customers and selling without having your own e-store.

Exposing your special offer on your website will help you sell more. Vaven recommendation tool helps you find Ad partners with your target customers and to reach the best ROI for your campaign.

You can start selling products, services or digital services without having your own e-store, 100% free and without any costs.

Endless options for every business

Increase sales with Vaven widget on your website and place it where your end customers are.

Start using Vaven now!

Up to 50k free impressions monthly on your website. No credit card required.

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