Features that helps you get the best ROI

Packed full of features to enhance your creativity and custom feel with your own branding.

Full colour and elements are customized

Vaven provides with the ability to customize the appearance of ad widgets to match your brand's look and feel. Customize action buttons, header, fonts and other elements to fit your website's style.

Widget placement settings

With Vaven's ad widget placement options, you can choose to display ad widgets on either side of the screen, depending on your preference and the layout of website. This flexibility ensures an advertising experience that is tailored to your audience and website design.

Start and end date of your campaign

Using calendar will help you control displaying widgets across websites. The ad schedule is a crucial component, outlining when and where your ads will run.

Choose font that fits to your brand

Different types of fonts will make your widget in style with your website and brand. There are many different types of fonts to choose from, including serif, sans-serif, script, display, among others.

Photo gallery when you need to present more

A photo gallery can allow you to display multiple images of your products or services, including detailed shots, different angles, and close-ups. This can help to provide a more comprehensive and immersive view of your offerings, and highlight key features and benefits.

Additional description and specifications

Providing additional descriptions and specifications can be a crucial part of the buying decision-making process. Descriptions can help to convey the unique features, benefits, and value of your offerings, while specifications can provide important details such as size, weight, technical specifications or other details.

Vaven supports direct purchase from an Ad widget for everyone without own e-store. Easy, fast and 100% free.

Widgets for accomodations and experiences

If you rent an accommodation or host an experience you will love special widget for both cases.

Widget for accommodation offers even more ...

Create offer with booking form and start selling your accommodation supported with photo gallery, location on the map, package description, price and more.

Special widget for hosting experiences

Vaven can be a great tool for advertising and promoting various types of experiences, such as travel packages, adventure tours, food and wine tastings, wellness retreats, and more. By using a widget, you can showcase experiences in an engaging and interactive way, providing potential customers with all the necessary information they need to make a booking or purchase.

Place your Ad widget where your customers are

Vaven helps you find the best website to advertise your offer to your target customers at lower costs.

Recommendation tool

Vaven can quickly and accurately identify the best websites to place your ad widgets. Using ChatGPT we can analyze data from various sources to identify websites that are most likely to generate high levels of engagement and conversions. With Vaven's ad network builder you can easily create your own network of websites to advertise ad widgets on.

Advertise your Ad widget on any website

Send invitation to any website you find interesting for your product or service. You can also find complementary online partner for your business, exchange offers and lower marketing budget for better ROI .

Chat to make a deal

Vaven is based on fully transparency with direct contact between advertiser and publisher. If both agree on terms and pricing they become partners and can easily start advertising campaigns.


Vaven is designed to be flexible and easy to use, giving you complete control over advertising budget and campaign settings. You can set a daily budget limit of advertising campaign, ensuring that you never exceed your budget. In addition to setting a daily budget limit, you can also adjust or pause advertising campaign at any time.

Place your Ad widget on any website

Create special offer with Vaven widget, expose it on your website or anywhere. Grow revenue easy and fast.

Works better than Ads

Create a better experiences for your visitors and a shorter deal cycle for your sales team.


up to 10x better CTR than industry standard


average increase in engagement rate


FREE to start selling without your own e-store

Place your Ad widget on any website

Increase sales with Vaven widget on your website and place it where your end customers are.

Start using Vaven now!

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