Privacy and personal data protection policy

Published: March 23, 2023


At Vaven d.o.o., registered number: 8789657000 (hereinafter "VAVEN" or "we" or "us"), we respect your data and are aware of the responsibility and importance of protecting personal data and pay great attention to it.


This document constitutes an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of Use and has the same validity and status, so please read them in their entirety here.


Our operations comply with the Personal Data Protection Act of the Republic of Slovenia, the European Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data and other laws governing our operations.


You can use our services as a Visitor of the Vaven Website, where, if you consent to the use of cookies, we collect data with which we improve the user experience of the website, measure website traffic and ensure the smooth and secure operation of the Vaven Website.



1. Personal data we process



If you register and become a User of the Vaven Website, we collect or process the following data (Terms Used), without which we cannot provide all services.


Information about the identity of the User, such as your first and last name, login password, which is known only to you and is encrypted (not known to us either), profile picture and your description or description of the company. If you are a legal entity, information about the company name, registration number and VAT ID are included.


Contact information, such as your email address, phone number, address and billing address.


Data on business transactions, such as paid-in funds, orders and earnings, which include data on the rental or rental of online advertising space and sales via the "Vaven e-commerce for the Customer" service (item 6. Rules and conditions of use)


Information about Customers who make a purchase through the Vaven e-commerce service (item 5. Rules and conditions of use), such as first and last name, delivery address, e-mail address and telephone number. At the same time, we process data such as the cost of the purchase and the sales commission that belongs to VAVEN, as well as the website address and ID and the address of the ad from which the purchase was made.


User profile data covering the entire use of the Vaven Website, such as: visits to providers of online advertising space, communication via "Live User Help", communication with our support service (via the address, electronic communication with other Users , creation and content of the ad, submission of the ad on your or a third-party User's website, membership in the Affiliate partner program, use of promotional codes, publication of your website and all settings (functionalities) enabled by the Vaven Website.


Data of e-notifications that we send to your e-mail address, which you have entered in your user profile.


We do not store your credit card information, but only pass it on to Stripe. Please read more about the Stripe service and how we use it in the Terms and conditions of use in point 5. (Vaven online sales - Vaven e-commerce)


Data of a technical nature, such as your IP address, the operating system used, the browser and location of your IT device with which you access the Vaven Website, screen resolution and the like.



2. How we obtain data



We collect data when:


  • visit the Vaven Website;
  • you agree to cookies when visiting the Vaven Website;
  • you register on the Vaven Website and become a User;
  • change your identity information or contact information in your user profile
    create an ad;
  • post an ad on your website or on a third party website;
  • post the advertisement publicly so that all Users can see it;
  • create your own website where you can advertise yourself or give out online advertising space;
  • publish your website publicly for all Users to see;
  • you sell products or services through the Vaven e-commerce service;
  • submit your online advertising space;
  • you are inquiring about renting online advertising space;
  • when you contact us (via email);
  • upload funds to your Vaven user account;
  • you become an Affiliate partner;
  • use a promotional code;
  • buyer makes a purchase through the Vaven e-store service.



3. Why and to what extent we process personal data



We process your personal data for different purposes and to different extents. As part of our activity, we collect and process data:


  • based on your consent;
  • without your consent based on the performance, fulfillment and security of our legal obligations;


The extent of data processing without your consent depends on the purpose for which the relevant processing is necessary and your status: Visitor, User or Buyer.



4. If you are a Visitor and visit the Vaven Website



When you visit the Vaven Website as a Visitor, we collect data with which, on the basis of our legitimate interest (without your consent):


  • we improve the user experience;
  • analyze the visits to the Vaven Website;
  • we test various new functionalities;
  • we examine and correct any errors;
  • we take action in cases of insufficient attempts to attack and compromise the Vaven Website.


When you visit the Vaven website, we obtain the following data, even if you do not agree with cookies:


  • IP address of your IT device;
  • Operating system you are using;
  • Internet browser you are using.


We only store this data in an anonymized form.



5. If you are a Vaven Website User



When you register on the Vaven Website and become a User, data processing extends to your:


  • identity data;
  • contact information;
  • data on business transactions;
  • user profile data;
  • e-notification data.



6. If you are a Buyer and make a purchase through the Vaven e-commerce service



When you make a purchase from any website, through the Vaven e-commerce service, we process the following:


  • customer data


We use Customer data for the time necessary to process the order. After this time, we continue to store the data for the purpose of protecting legal claims and our internal records and control.



7. Processing based on legitimate interest



We are legally obliged to process your personal data in order to fulfill certain legal obligations and therefore do not need your consent.


Our legitimate interest (without your consent) is the protection of legal claims and legal obligations and control over the regular performance of our services. We also process data for internal records and keeping business books. For this purpose, we process your Identity Data, Contact Data, Business Transaction Data and User Profile Data. We process the latter for the purpose of improving the conditions and operation of the Vaven Website.



8. Processing based on the fulfillment of legal obligations



We are legally obliged, without your consent, to process Identity Data, Contact Data, Business Transaction Data for the purpose of complying with applicable laws:


  • Code of Obligations (OZ);
  • Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot);
  • Value Added Tax Act (ZDDV-1);
  • Act on tax certification of invoices (ZDavPR);
  • Accounting Act (AC);
  • Electronic Communications Act (ZECom);
  • Law on Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism (ZPPDFT-1).



9. Retention periods



We process data for a period of 3 years for the proper legal implementation of internal records and supervision. In cases of claims, we process data until the established statute of limitations.


For the purpose of protecting all legal claims, we process data for 5 years and, if necessary, until the established statute of limitations. In cases where the retention period of personal data is mandated and regulated by law, we keep the data in accordance with the legal mandate.


For the purpose of fulfilling legal obligations, we store and process personal data for a maximum of 10 years, according to the last issued financial document (paid funds, orders, earnings) and invoices.


We keep data obtained on the basis of consent until it is revoked.



10. Who has access to your personal data



All your personal data is processed by VAVEN. Under no circumstances will we pass on your data to unauthorized third parties.


In addition to us, your personal data may be used by Stripe, which operates payment systems for the provision of payments, especially in relation to payment cards. Stripe is committed to careful handling of personal data in accordance with the law. We only provide them with data that is necessary for the successful implementation of activities related to financial transactions (deposits, payments and transfers).


In accordance with the current Act on the Protection of Personal Data and the European Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data, they may use the data of an authorized institution if required by law.



11. Ensuring security



To ensure adequate protection of personal data, we use several different security systems that prevent loss or misuse of data. The Vaven website uses SSL technology for all data transfers, which is the security standard for encoding all information.


For more secure use of the Vaven Website, we recommend that you take care of your password in such a way that it is long enough and includes characters and numbers. At the same time, never share it with a third party.



12. What are your rights in connection with the processing of personal data



Since it is your personal data, you have the following rights in relation to them and we provide you with all the support in realizing them. These rights include:


  • Right to inspection and notice. It is your right to check what data we collect about you and for what purpose. At the same time, you can find out who we pass your data on to and how long we keep it. You can request a copy of the processed data from us.


  • The right to correction allows you to correct and edit your personal data at any time in the "My Profile" tab. If you find your personal information is incorrect or incomplete, please let us know so that we can correct it.


The right to erasure allows you to request the erasure of your personal data in certain cases. We will grant your request for deletion if one of the two stated reasons is met:


  • You have withdrawn your consent to the processing of personal data, but the consent must relate to data processing where your consent is necessary.


  • Asserted the right to object to the processing of data that we process on the basis of legitimate interest.


  • Your data will be deleted within 30 days. In the event that we need your data to fulfill our legal obligations or provisions, this right cannot be exercised.


The right to limit data processing allows you to temporarily exclude your personal data from processing in certain cases.


The right to data portability allows you to obtain your personal data, which we process based on your consent. Under certain conditions, we transfer the data to you in electronic form.


The right to object to data processing ensures that in certain cases you can object to the processing of personal data. We will stop using your data for marketing purposes, but not for those we need to fulfill our legal obligations and provisions.


The right to appeal allows you to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia in case of suspicion of unjustified processing or processing of personal data contrary to applicable legislation.


To exercise your rights and support with additional explanations, send your message to the e-mail address: We will answer you as soon as possible.



13. Authorized person for data protection



If you have any questions regarding our Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy or the processing of your personal data, you can contact our Data Protection Officer at any time, at



14. Collection and processing of personal data



Personal data is any data that identifies an individual, such as first and last name, address, email address, etc. We do not obtain your personal data without your voluntary consent and data transfer (entering data into the appropriate forms for the purpose of registering on the website, ordering paid services on the platform, signing up to receive e-news, providing support when accessing content, fulfilling legal obligations, etc.). We can also obtain your data from the contractual processor, if you provide your personal data through the use of their service (data on the payment receipt, social network data...). By submitting your personal data, you agree to their processing to the extent and for the purpose for which you submitted your personal data. Read more about the processing purposes below.



15. Purposes of data processing and transfer of personal data



The company Vaven, d.o.o. may process your personal data on the basis of your express consent or your consent for the purpose of registering and creating your profile on the website. By giving your consent, you agree that we use your data for system and technical information, to offer services intended for registered users and to communicate via various channels (e-mail, telephone or mobile numbers). We inform you unequivocally about the purposes of data processing on the websites where these data are collected (registration on the website, e-notification settings).


Your data may be processed for the purpose of concluding a contract (inquiries, offers, negotiations) or on the basis of an already concluded contract to the extent necessary to perform the agreed services.


We can also process your data on a legal basis and as part of ensuring a legitimate interest (network protection, fraud prevention, etc.).


Whenever your personal data is forwarded, we take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data. We do not forward data to third parties or transfer it to third countries, unless we have your express consent or an appropriate legal basis for such a transfer. Data may be transferred to third countries in the case of electronic communication via external service providers, payment services via certain payment channels, etc.


On the basis of international treaties, EU regulations and national laws, we can forward your data to authorized persons and competent state authorities, which have the appropriate legal basis for the acquisition and processing of data in their legal regulations.


The Vaven service is intended for persons over 18 years of age. Age information is not a condition for registration on the website, and we are not authorized to check which information relates to persons under the age of 18. We advise parents and legal representatives of children under 18 years of age to properly instruct children under 18 years of age about the safe use of the Internet and the transmission of their personal data.


Anonymized and deleted data can no longer be linked to the user who provided such personal data, so this Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy does not apply to their processing.



16. How we use the information we collect



We use personal data to:


  • we enable access to the platform and the execution and receipt of payments;
  • we enable communication with other users;
  • perform analytics, debug and conduct research;
  • send you messages, updates, security alerts and account notifications;
  • enable the use of our business products;
  • with your consent, we send promotional messages and other information that may be of interest to you based on your preferences.


We create and maintain a trusted and safer online platform, so we use data to:


  • detecting and preventing fraud, spam, abuse, safety and security incidents and other harmful activities;
  • conducting security investigation and risk assessment.


Personal data is used to enable or authorize third parties to use payment services: Detection and prevention of money laundering, fraud, abuse and security incidents.



17. Sharing between users



To facilitate the purchase of advertising space or other interactions between users, we may need to share certain information, such as:


  • profile name;
  • profile picture;
  • company name;
  • phone number, if you prefer.



18. Third party partners



Parts of the platform may connect to third-party services that are not owned or controlled by Vaven, d.o.o., such as Google Maps or Stripe. Use of these services is subject to the privacy policies of those providers, such as additional terms of use for (Terms and Conditions of Use: Google Maps and Stripe). Vaven, d.o.o. does not own or control these third parties.



19. Cookies



The website uses different types of cookies. Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers that are downloaded to the user's hard drive and enable the user to be recognized on the next visit. Thus, you do not need to enter the same data when registering and using the services of these websites. You can read more information about the cookies used by at the link Cookies on



20. Safety



The company Vaven, d.o.o. pays a lot of attention to the protection of your data, therefore, when entering data on some subpages, we use the so-called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology, which is a standard in the world and prevents the possibility of third parties accessing the data you have entered on your computer. Your data is protected against loss, destruction, falsification, manipulation and unauthorized access by third parties. Likewise, our employees are committed to protecting your personal data and complying with applicable regulations. We regularly check the adopted protective measures and supplement them. We also verify the veracity of your identification information when necessary. A high level of protection is also achieved by means of pseudonymization and anonymization of data, when such data still allow adequate provision of the service.



21. Retention period



We store your personal data in accordance with the prescribed storage periods, or until the purpose for which they were obtained is fulfilled. We keep personal data obtained on the basis of your consent until cancellation, unless a different period is provided for in the given consent or determined by law (a longer retention period is prescribed for financial transactions, invoices, etc.). Some categories of data are kept longer for the purpose of fraud prevention, to enforce claims or for other legitimate interests.

Deletion of data is possible based on the user's request sent to the administrator's email address It is possible to stop the deletion process within 24 hours, after which it is no longer possible to interrupt it.



22. The rights of individuals



Individuals or users of the website enter and provide their personal data themselves. In order to ensure the accuracy and up-to-dateness of your personal data, please notify us immediately of any changes to the email address


We inform you that you can partially or completely revoke the given consent at any time. You can send a request for cancellation of consent to Vaven, d.o.o., Litostrojska 40b, SI-1000 Ljubljana or to the email address We will notify you in writing of our decision. If we comply with your request, such personal data will immediately cease to be processed for the purpose for which consent has been revoked. The revocation of consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing carried out in accordance with the consent prior to revocation.


Individuals also have the right to access, supplement, correct, delete (right to be forgotten), restrict processing, transfer personal data and object to processing based on point f) of paragraph 1 of Article 6 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation or for direct marketing purposes.


We inform you that your rights listed above are not absolute and we must fulfill them only in certain cases. When asserting your rights, we will first verify your identity, as the stated rights can only be asserted by the holder of the personal data. At the same time, we inform you that upon the enforcement of certain rights, you will be prevented from using the services of the website, the use of which is not possible without your consent.


If you suspect that your data is not being processed in accordance with the applicable regulations in the field of personal data protection, you have the right to file a complaint with the Information Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia.



23. Automated data processing



We inform you that we may also automatically process certain information that we use for internal research to improve our services, for statistical processing and for security reasons. This information is geolocation data (if you enable it), the web browser used and the current IP address of the personal computer, the use of services, etc. We inform you that you have the right to object to decisions based solely on the automated processing of your data, except when such a decision is necessary necessary for the prevention of abuse and evasion based on EU regulations and national legislation, for the conclusion and implementation of contracts between an individual and the company Vaven, d.o.o. or based on your express consent.



24. Link to other websites



This privacy policy applies to the website. Our websites may also contain links to other websites. When you click on the links of other websites, familiarize yourself with their privacy policies, as the company Vaven, d.o.o. is not responsible for the privacy and cookie policies and content of these linked websites.



25. Validity and changes



This privacy policy comes into effect on the date of publication. The manager reserves the right to make changes without any prior notice. Any changes will be posted on these websites and will take effect on the date of posting on this website.


The manager of your data is the company:


VAVEN, razvoj informacijskih tehnologij, d.o.o.
Litostrojska 40b
1000 Ljubljana


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