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Share ads on the site with your advertising partner and save on advertising. Vaven helps you find the best partner with your target customers for lower advertising costs.
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Use Vaven to find perfect websites or publishers for your special offers and optimize advertising budget. Simply and free.
Vaven has successfully helped us find website where we can advertise our new products. Now we can reach our customers more effectively with better ROI.

Suzan Green
Product Management
Vaven has helped us find online publisher to advertise our widget with special deals. This way we can test which products are the winners.

Mike Ziong
Advertise Consultant

Choose a budget. Pay only when you want & who you want.

Vaven can work with almost any advertising budget. Set an advertising budget and never spend more than your monthly limit.

Answers to all your questions

See our answers to frequently asked questions and advertising resources.
  • What is vaven?
    Vaven is a widget advertisment platform allowing you creating special offers and expose it on your website and grow revenue more quickly. Exchange widgets with ad parters and increase ROI, set a daily budget and advertise on third party websites or host widgets on your website and earn extra money.
  • How it works?
    In few steps create special offer and copy-paste unique code on your website to start advertising. Your special offer will be seen across your website as an animated icon or small size widget.
  • How vaven can help you accelerate your online revenue?
    Exposing your special offer on your website will help you sell more. With finding ads partners you can exchange widgets and lower your ads costs.
  • How can you find perfect ad partner?
    When users on the platform wants to publicly publish their website you can contact it.
  • How can l start?
    Vaven is totally free. Create your account and start advertising or earning extra money.
  • What is partnership advertisment?
    If you want to share your widget with other websites, vaven helps you find best website for your product or service to advertise. If you want to lower the cost of advertisment and increase your ROI, you can exchance widgets with ad partner so that their widgets will be shown on your website.
  • What is the costs of advertisment?
    You can set a daily budget for advertisment and start/stop your ad campaign when you want.
  • How can l earn extra money with vaven?
    Select special offer widgets on the platform you want to advertise on your website and earn for every impression or click on the widget.

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