Privacy and personal data protection policy

Published: February 1, 2021

Vaven, d.o.o., as the operator of the website, pays great attention to the protection of your personal data. We handle your data with the utmost care and security and in accordance with the applicable regulations in the Republic of Slovenia in the field of personal data protection, and in particular in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and the General EU Regulation on Data Protection. Data processing is performed only by authorized persons and our carefully selected contract processors. The Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy governs the collection and processing of personal data obtained by Vaven, d.o.o. when accessing the websites. Processing is carried out on one of the legal bases.

Data protection officer

If you have any questions regarding our Privacy and Privacy Policy or the processing of your personal data, you may at any time contact our Data Protection Officer at

Collection and processing of personal data

Personal data is all data that identifies an individual, such as name and surname, address, e-mail address, etc. We do not obtain your personal data without your voluntary consent and transfer of data (entry of data in the forms provided for this purpose for registration on the website, orders for paid services on the platform, subscriptions to receive e-news, providing support in accessing content, fulfilling legal obligations, etc.). We may also obtain your data from the contractual processor, provided that you provide your personal data through the use of his service (data on the confirmation of payment, data on social networks ...). By providing your personal data, you agree to their processing to the extent and for the purpose for which you provided the personal data. Read more about the purposes of processing below.

Purposes of data processing and transfer of personal data

Vaven, d.o.o. may process your personal data with the express consent or consent of you for the purpose of registration and creation of your profile on the website. By giving your consent, you agree that we use your data for system and technical information, for offering services intended for registered users and for communication through various channels (e-mail, telephone or GSM numbers). We unambiguously inform you about the purposes of data processing on the websites where this data is obtained (registration on the website, setting up e-notifications).

Your data may be processed for the purpose of concluding a contract (demand, supply, negotiations) or on the basis of an already concluded contract to the extent necessary to perform the agreed services.

We may also process your data on a legal basis and as part of ensuring a legitimate interest (network protection, fraud prevention, etc.).

In each transfer of your personal data, we take care of appropriate technical and organizational measures in order to protect your personal data. We do not pass on the data to third parties or transfer it to third countries if we do not have your explicit consent or appropriate legal basis for such transfer. Data may be transferred to third countries in the case of electronic communication through external service providers, the provision of payment services through certain payment channels, etc.

Based on international treaties, EU regulations and national laws, we may pass on your data to authorized persons and competent state bodies, which have the appropriate legal basis in their legal regulations for the acquisition and processing of data.

The Vaven service is intended for people over 18 years of age. The information on age is not a condition for registration on the website and we are not competent to check which information refers to persons under 18 years of age. Parents and legal representatives of children under the age of 18 are advised to teach children under the age of 18 about the safe use of the Internet and the provision of their personal data.

Anonymised and deleted data can no longer be linked to the user who provided such personal data, so this Privacy Policy and the protection of personal data do not apply to their processing.

How we use the information we collect

We use personal information to provide you with:

  • we enable access to the platform and the execution and receipt of payments,
  • we enable communication with other users,
  • we perform analytics, correct errors and perform research,
  • we send you messages, updates, security alerts and account notifications,
  • enable the use of our business products,
  • with your consent, we send promotional messages and other information that may be of interest to you according to your wishes.

We create and maintain a trusted and more secure online platform, so we use the data to:

  • detection and prevention of fraud, spam, abuse, security and safety incidents and other harmful activities,
  • conducting a security investigation and risk assessment.

Personal data is used to enable or authorize third parties to use payment services:

  • Detection and prevention of money laundering, fraud, abuse and security incidents.

Sharing between users

To make it easier to purchase inventory or other user interactions, we may need to share some information, such as:

  • profile name
  • profile picture
  • phone number if you wish

Third partners

The website uses different types of cookies. Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers that are loaded on a user's hard drive and allow the user to be identified on the next visit. This way, you do not have to enter the same information when logging in and using the services of these websites. You can read more information about cookies used by the website at the Cookies link at


Vaven, d.o.o. pays a lot of attention to the protection of your data, so when entering data on some subpages we use t.i. SSL (Secure Socets Layer) technology, which is a standard in the world and prevents foreigners from accessing the data you have entered on your computer. Your data is protected from loss, destruction, falsification, manipulation and unauthorized access by third parties. Our employees are also committed to protecting your personal information and complying with applicable regulations. We regularly check the adopted protective measures and supplement them. We also verify the authenticity of your credentials when necessary. A high level of protection is also achieved through measures of pseudonymization and anonymisation of data, when such data still allow the appropriate provision of the service.

Shelf life

We store your personal data in accordance with the prescribed retention periods or until the fulfillment of the purpose for which they were obtained. We retain personal data obtained on the basis of your consent until revoked, unless otherwise provided in the given consent or determined by law (a longer retention period is prescribed for financial transactions, accounts, etc.). Some categories of data are kept longer for fraud prevention, claiming or other legitimate interests.

Deletion of data is possible on the basis of a user request sent to the e-mail address of the operator The deletion process can be stopped within 24 hours, after which interruption is no longer possible.

Rights of individuals

Individuals or users of the website enter and provide your personal data yourself. To ensure the accuracy and timeliness of your personal information, please notify us immediately of any changes to

We inform you that you can revoke your consent in part or in full at any time. You can send a request for revocation of consent to the address Vaven, d.o.o., Litostrojska 40b, SI-1000 Ljubljana or the e-mail address We will inform you in writing about our decision. If we comply with your request, such personal data will immediately cease to be processed for the purpose for which the consent was revoked. Revocation of consent shall not affect the lawfulness of the processing carried out in accordance with the consent prior to revocation.

Individuals also have the right of access, supplementation, rectification, erasure (right to be forgotten), restriction of processing, transferability of personal data and objection to processing based on Article 6 (1) (f) of the EU General Data Protection Regulation or for for direct marketing purposes.

We inform you that your above rights are not absolute and must be fulfilled only in certain cases. When exercising your rights, we will first verify your identity, as these rights can only be exercised by the holder of personal data. At the same time, we would like to inform you that upon exercising certain rights, you will be prevented from using the services of the website, the use of which is not possible without your consent.

In case of suspicion that your data is not processed in accordance with the applicable regulations in the field of personal data protection, you have the right to appeal to the Information Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia.

Automated data processing

We inform you that we may also automatically process certain information that we use for internal surveys to improve our services, for statistical processing and for security reasons. This information includes geolocation data (if you allow it), the web browser used and the current IP address of the personal computer, the use of services, etc. We inform you that you have the right to object to decisions based on purely automated processing of your data. necessary for the prevention of abuse and evasion on the basis of EU regulations and national legislation, for the conclusion and implementation of contracts between an individual and the company Vaven, doo or based on your explicit consent.

Link to other websites

This privacy policy applies to Our websites may also contain links to other websites. By clicking on the links of other websites, read their privacy policies, as Vaven, d.o.o. is not responsible for the privacy and cookie policies and content of these linked websites.

Validity and changes

This privacy policy takes effect on the day of publication. The operator reserves the right to make changes without any prior notice. All changes will be posted on these websites and will take effect on the date of posting on this website.

The controller of your data is the company:

Vaven, d.o.o.
Litostrojska 40b
1000 Ljubljana

Ljubljana, 1.2.2021

Feel free to contact:

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