Vaven Terms and Conditions

General provisions

1. Certain terms in these Vaven Terms and Conditions have certain meanings, which are explained below:

The website refers to the domain, all its subdomains (, the mobile application or any other access through which the contents of are available

The Rules apply to these Terms and conditions, which define access to the content and use of the website.

The Operator of the website is the company VAVEN d.o.o., with a business address at Litostrojska 40b, SI-1000 Ljubljana, VAT ID: 65185714.

User (collectively Users) is any legal or natural person who accesses, views or otherwise uses the content of the website. The user can be registered or unregistered.

An Unregistered user is one who has not registered and has limited functionality of the website.

A Registered user is one who has registered and created a user account on the website. Each registered user may have only one username, unless otherwise stated in these Rules. The registered user must be 18 years of age or older on the date of registration.

An Advertiser is a natural or legal person who creates a user account on the website for the purpose of creating an advertisement and establishing contact with other advertisers or inventory providers.

An Advertising space provider is a natural or legal person who creates a user account on the website for the purpose of selling advertising advertising space.

2. By using the Website, the user agrees to these Rules. Acceptance of the Rules is also a condition for registration on the website The applicable Rules are available to the User on the Website. These rules are updated and changed from time to time. The amendments shall enter into force on the day of their publication. For users who have a contract with the operator, these rules (the version in force at the time of ordering) are also part of the contractual provisions.

3. We enable all users to browse the Website. To access all functionalities, the User must register. Upon registration, the user must fill in all required fields and provide true information. Betraying another person is a crime. The amount of data required depends on the type of registered user. Users who post ads on the Website must verify their user account before posting the ad for the first time. By accepting these Rules, the User undertakes to comply with them and act in accordance with them.

4. The Registered user is obliged to take care of the security of his user password and to change it from time to time. The operator is not responsible for cases of misuse of the user password, but will take appropriate action immediately after the User's notification of the alleged misuse. The User agrees that if it turns out that the User Password of any User has been misused, offers or inquiries and other declarations of intent under the name of this User shall not be considered a declaration of intent and thus in no way cause legal effects. The registered user is fully responsible for all damage that would occur to a third party due to unauthorized access to his user account and for all such content published on the Website.

5. Professional and technical assistance in using the website is available to users of the Website. The user is enabled to establish contact with the Manager via e-mail and "live conversation" via a web browser.

The User is informed and agrees that for the needs of the successful provision of the "live chat" service, the Operator will provide his name and that communication with him will be established by a free operator after his confirmation. The User agrees that for the purpose of providing the "live conversation" service, the Operator is aware of the data that are usually disclosed when providing such services (location, operating system, browser ...).

6. By registering on the website, each User allows the use and processing of personal and other data provided for the purpose of operating the Website and sending system and technical electronic messages. The controller processes the received personal data in accordance with the applicable legislation in the field of personal data protection and in accordance with its own Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy. The registered User must be acquainted with the latter policy when creating his user account. The user is informed about the purposes of processing the transmitted personal data upon their transmission. The controller guarantees that the received personal data will be processed and stored in accordance with the purpose for which they are collected and in accordance with the applicable legislation in the field of personal data protection.

7. The website provides users with the service of electronic messages, and the operator does not assume responsibility for the timely and comprehensive transmission of the content of electronic messages. In the event that the Registered User permanently deletes the content of the e-mail, the operator does not store this content.

8. Electronic communication on the Website is intended to establish contact between Users related to the supply and demand of goods or services. In addition, it is strictly forbidden in electronic communication:

  • advertise other goods and services;
  • provide links to other websites;
  • to advertise brokerage services in the sale or rental;
  • submit offers that are not the subject of an individual advertisement;
  • use the personal data of third parties or mislead another user in any way;
  • ask for donations, sponsorships, etc .;
  • curse, use insults or any form of hate speech;
  • convey threatening or intimidating messages, or
  • use robots or scripts for automated transmission of several messages simultaneously.

The Operator strives to keep the Website free of all forms of unwanted and inappropriate communication and malicious software. In this case, it reserves the right to check and analyze electronic communication on the Website, temporarily suspend electronic messages, disable the transmission of electronic messages and exclude the user or disable further communication to the User who would violate these rules in any way.

In order to provide you with our services, we may sometimes send you service notices and other information. If you choose to provide us with feedback, such as suggestions for improving our services, we may act on them without obligation to you.

9. The website uses cookies to improve its services. The installation of cookies on the website is regulated in accordance with the Electronic Communications Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 109/2012; ZEKom-1), which takes into account the Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications (2002/58 / ES). The Operator will store or gain access to the data stored in the User's terminal equipment provided that the User consents to this. Prior to that, the User is clearly and comprehensively informed about the Controller and the purposes of processing this data. The User's consent, which is given freely and expresses his will, is obtained by the Operator before the cookie is set or the User's data is collected; based on the User's notification of the sending and purpose of the cookie. The user is informed on the Website what information is intended to be stored in the cookie, for what purpose and what is the period of validity of the cookie that he will accept. The user is informed that the cookie will enable the advertising provider to collect data on visits to other websites, displayed ads, etc. The user is given an explanation of the cookie and its use, as well as information on the progress of monitoring via cookies. The decision to accept a cookie is on the User's side. The User's acceptance of a cookie is considered to be a clear consent (marking) that the User may give when using the Website, when registering a user profile, when logging in or publishing an advertisement, or by clearly expressing an action. The fact that the User has accepted a cookie is considered as a valid consent also for the subsequent collection of data resulting from this cookie. The user can also withdraw the given consent at any time. The operator of the website will inform the users of the website that monitoring is taking place via cookies.

Advertising on the Website

10. The website allows Users (Registered Users) to publish, offer, search for and purchase advertising services. The Operator, as the provider of the Website, is not the owner, supervisor or manager of advertisements, is not a party to contracts concluded directly or indirectly between Users, nor is it a real estate agent, insurance company, organizer or seller of advertising space.

11. The Manager is not a party to the contracts and acts only as an intermediary between the Registered Users and enables the public publication of advertisements.

12. The operator is only an intermediary between the Users, as by using the website and its functions it enables them to advertise, establish contact and direct communication so that they can agree on all the essential components of the legal relationship between them.

13. Users who post an ad are aware of and agree that the content of their ads submitted to the website will be visible to all Registered Users if they mark this in the settings of the Website.

14. The ad must contain specific information about the item or service being sold. The description must relate only to the subject of the sale. Advertising is not permitted to advertise other items or services or anything that is not directly the subject of the sale. The price listed in an individual advertisement published by the advertiser can also be determined "by agreement".

15. The photos in the ad must be photos of the item being sold. For service ads, the image must match the content of the ad.

16. The content of the advertisement must belong to the appropriate category.

17. The user undertakes not to post ads for anyone else without his consent.

18. The user of the Website undertakes:

  • that its content and image ads will be real;
  • not to advertise goods or services whose trade and / or advertising is prohibited by law;
  • that its ads do not contain harmful, offensive, disturbing, threatening, defamatory or harmful content to minors;
  • not to publish advertisements that are in conflict with applicable laws and other regulations;
  • not to publish personal data of third parties;
  • not to sell and advertise the sale of goods or the provision of services that would infringe the copyrights or related rights of third parties;
  • not to transcribe or copy content from other users' ads.

19. In case of suspicion of committing a criminal offense or other violations of applicable law, the Operator reserves the right to cooperate with the competent authorities.

20. The operator will provide information about the advertisement to third parties, if necessary for the purpose of the website, or will provide information to state authorities if they would conduct proceedings against an individual User on suspicion of violating applicable law.

21. The website, its Operator and the owners are not responsible for the veracity of the submitted ads and their content. The advertiser is solely responsible for the ad, including photos, videos, links, text, and other materials that are part of the ad.

22. The user can create a maximum of 5 ads.

23. By agreement between Users through the Website, Users may exchange their own ads free of charge or for a fee on websites owned by them.

24. The website enables the advertising of goods and services against payment. Use of all services and products is available only on the basis of paid credit. A possible way to pay the credit is with credit cards. The minimum one-time amount of the credit payment is EUR 10 and the maximum amount is EUR 100.

25. The administrator reserves the right to refuse or restrict payments or withdrawals that it considers to be unauthorized, fraudulent or illegal.

26. Payment methods may include the use of independent payment service providers. These payment service providers may charge additional fees when processing payments related to payment services. The operator is not responsible for such commissions and disclaims any liability in this regard. Additional terms of use may also apply to the method of payment.

27. The Operator is not responsible for any loss suffered by the User due to incorrect information in the method of payment or withdrawal.

28. If the Manager is unable to accept your payment, we will notify you of the declined payment. If the User does not complete the payment, authorize the Manager to cancel the purchase of advertising space on your behalf.

29. Advertising costs for Advertisers are:

  • small widget display: 2.00 EUR / 1000 full views
  • view full widget: 0.025 EUR / full view
  • click on external URL: 0.05 EUR / click
  • inquiry (accommodations): 1.00 EUR / inquiry
  • The operator charges a 10% commission on the advertising service provided.

30. The final price for an individual payment is always visible before the final confirmation of the purchase of the ordered services. The registered user receives an invoice for the performed service in his user account, which he creates in the registration process and with which he fully agrees. He will receive an online link to access the account at the e-mail address he provided when registering.

  • Funds paid to the Website may only be used for the services and products of this website.
  • In cases when the Registered User wants to return the paid funds, the return is made through the same channel through which the funds were paid, but pays the Manager a commission of 1% of the paid value. The user can make a maximum of 2 payments in a period of 30 days. The minimum value of one-time disbursements is EUR 50, and the maximum is EUR 300.

31. Based on the erroneous transfer, the administrator reserves the right to cancel the transaction and transfer the paid funds.

32. The operator reserves the right to assess the relevance of an individual ad and further reserves the right to delete it without giving a reason.

33. In the event that the User has overdue and outstanding liabilities to the Manager, the Manager reserves the right to repay these liabilities from the amount of credit.

34. The user, who in accordance with these Rules meets the conditions for registration, exclusively and fully guarantees and is responsible for the legality of its business (this includes advertising on the website) and ensures that it is registered in accordance with applicable law and has all necessary permits for performing the activity it advertises.

35. Links to websites that compete with the Website are not permitted. The operator reserves the right to judge for himself whether or not to allow any connection.

36. Ads inviting you to participate in various network marketing and pyramid games are not allowed. Ads inviting people to gamble are also not allowed.

37. It is prohibited to publish advertisements, which could mean the publication of the need for work, the provision of undeclared work or employment, or undeclared work under the Prevention of Undeclared Work and Employment Act. The operator reserves the right not to publish such an advertisement in the event that it appears from the advertisement that the content could mean the publication of the need for work, the provision of undeclared work or employment or undeclared work. In accordance with ZPDZC-1, the Manager is obliged to provide the law enforcement authorities with information on the client of the advertisement at their request.

38. Any advertising of alcohol, food, animals, tobacco and tobacco products is prohibited. It is also prohibited to advertise products which, by their appearance and purpose of use, directly encourage the use of tobacco products.

39. Advertising of stolen, counterfeit and pirated goods is prohibited. Counterfeit goods are goods which, without the permission of the proprietor of the trade mark, are marked with a trade mark or sign which cannot be distinguished from that trade mark in essential respects. Pirated goods are goods that are a copy (replica) or imitation of goods made without the consent of the holder of copyright or related rights, rights from the model and if such production violates these rights.

40. Advertising is prohibited for prescription-only medicines and medicines that have not been granted a marketing authorization, as well as medical devices used by legal or natural persons performing a health or veterinary activity, except for devices that do not pose a high risk to the User and the advertiser has obtained the permission of the competent authority.

41. Advertising or An ad that contains a special offer (such as a discount, gift, etc.) must have a clear description of that special offer in the text of the ad description. The special offer must not be misleading.

42. By submitting a request for an individual advertisement, an obligation relationship is established between the Advertiser and the buyer. All possible disputes from this relationship (as due to the truth of the data about the User, the content of the offer, the subject and price of the offer, etc.) are resolved exclusively between the Advertiser and the buyer. Advertisers and shoppers on the site accept a way of trading that is specific to the web and is thus somewhat anonymous. The operator of the website does not take responsibility in cases where any of the Users provides incomplete or untrue identification data. By accepting the Rules, advertisers and customers, by deciding to do business online, assume the risks associated with the credibility of the identity of an individual User of the website and responsibility for the consequences arising from online business. The Operator does not bear any responsibility in the event of a dispute between Users and Customers.

43. Each User of the Website accepts these Rules and expressly waives the right to recover any compensation from the Operator of the Website arising from the above relationship between the advertiser and the customer.

44. The contact form for an individual advertisement is intended exclusively for inquiries regarding a specific offer. Sending notifications with any other content is not allowed.

45. The Operator reserves the right to delete or not publish the advertisement if it considers that the publication of such a small advertisement would harm the Website - the Operator reserves the right to do so in its entirety. The Operator also reserves the right to immediately remove from the list of Registered Users those who would violate these Rules or otherwise harm the Website, its operators or owners. The Manager reserves the right to assess this in its entirety.

46. The operator reserves the right to delete or not publish the ad if the individual classified ad contains:

  • HTML code that spoils the standard look of the ad;
  • styles or calling style files (css) from other websites;
  • plugin or plugin on Facebook, Google +, Twitter or similar sites;
  • various scripts;
  • input field forms;
  • i. "Keyword spamming" - the repetition of the same words, a particular keyword (or syllable) may not have more than 10% share in the content of the ad or be clearly repeated in the title;
  • "Hidden text" - which means that the user enters text in his classified ad that is not readable by other users or is not visible to other users;
  • offensive, inappropriate content or content that would mean that the object or service mentioned in the classified ad cannot be the object or service of trade;
  • banner ads or promotional ads, banners or other logos, images, photos that harm the website and at the same time violate these Rules, as well as any tagging of photos in an individual classified ad, and in particular tagging with text or numbers that would indicate on "campaign, discount, price reduction, etc." is prohibited;
  • any ad view counters;
  • other elements that the Operator would find to be in any way detrimental to the Website.

47. Any methods of abusing the automatic ranking of advertisements in the lists and in the search results in order to ensure better ranking are not permitted and are considered a violation of these Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website.

48. By posting an advertisement on the Website, the Advertiser agrees to respond diligently to inquiries arising from the advertisement. (either by phone or email). The advertiser must have an active email address where they periodically review mail.

49. The Registered User agrees that the Operator may publish his advertisement, including photographs, for advertising purposes in other media as well. The operator will not publish personal data in other media, but only the content of the advertisement and the link to the Website.

50. The content of the Website is copyrighted, so copying, use of any part of the Website, including all data provided by Users and inclusion in another website, without the prior written permission of the Operator, is prohibited.

51. The User may contact another User via the Website for the sole purpose of inquiring and informing about the subject or service of advertising. The User is not allowed to contact other Users to advertise services or products.

52. The operator and its owners are not liable for any direct or indirect damages, including any loss of profits resulting from termination of access, publication or deletion of the ad or errors in the operation of the website, nor do they guarantee the success of the use of this website.

53. The content and functionality of the Website are offered 'as is'. The operator and owners are not liable for damages arising from the use or inability to use this website, including and without limitation on lost revenue or expected profits, loss of goodwill, loss of business, data loss, computer error or malfunction or other loss events. , unless the said event occurred due to intentional or negligent actions of the Operator, with the intention of harming the User. The website contains links to other websites, but is not responsible for the content of such websites nor does it guarantee or assume responsibility for the illegal operation of such websites, but in the event of notification of a violation of applicable regulations by other websites, take appropriate action.

54. The operator reserves the right to change the functionality of the Website and the user experience, which may lead to the movement of the ad or how Users find it.

Disputes between users

55. In the event of any misunderstandings, disagreements or disputes between Users, due to any violations of these General Terms, contractual or legal provisions, the User undertakes to try to resolve any misunderstandings, disagreements or disputes amicably, by mutual agreement and concession. The User undertakes to contact this other User directly with any possible lawsuits or other claims that could arise from a legal relationship with other Users. All possible litigation between the Users shall be resolved in accordance with the general rules regarding substantive and territorial jurisdiction, unless the parties expressly agree otherwise.

56. The Operator is never, nor can it be the addressee of any lawsuit or other claim that could arise from the legal relationship between the Users. The Operator is not passively entitled to be a party to any proceedings resulting from a dispute between Users and arising from the relationship between them.

57. This restriction does not apply to any claims that could arise from the relationship between the User and the Manager. Resolution of any disputes between the User and the Operator is governed by point 77 of these general terms and conditions.

Brokerage agreement

58. The Manager allows Users to publish, offer, search for and purchase advertising services. It seeks to find and contact the advertiser and the advertising space provider who will agree on their relationship. Upon establishing a legal relationship between the Users, the User undertakes to, in the manner and under the conditions set out in these General Terms and Conditions, give the Operator a certain payment / commission for this.

59. Once the advertiser and the provider of advertising space have agreed on all the essential components of the contract, a legal relationship is established directly between them. This also concludes an intermediary contract between the User and the Manager. The contract is considered to have been concluded at a distance, and the service of enabling the public publication of the advertisement (for an agreed time and under mutually agreed conditions) has been performed.

60. The User undertakes to pay a commission to the Operator, in the manner and under the conditions set out in these General Terms and Conditions.

61. The operator acquires the right to payment as soon as the conditions are met, unless otherwise agreed.

Limitations and exclusion of liability of the Manager

62. The Operator excludes any liability and is not liable for any damage or damage that may result from the conduct of Users, the User's interaction with other Users, including advertising, purchase, rental, reservation or any other use of the advertised goods or services, or otherwise derives from the legal-business relationship between the Users.

63. The information published on the website may be inaccurate or have typographical errors. The operator is not liable for damages due to the possibility of website malfunction or loss of data, profit, reputation or reputation, personal injury or any other damages arising from (i) your access to and use of our website, (ii) your inability use of the Website, (iii) any information or content contained on our Website, (iv) your information or material provided through our Website. The exclusion of liability applies regardless of whether the damage was caused by a breach of contract, indemnification, negligence, strict liability or otherwise.

64. You understand and agree that the Manager is not a party to any contractual relationship between the Users. The Operator has no control over the conduct of the Users or over the Objects being advertised and disclaims any responsibility in this regard.

65. As a User of the Website, you waive all claims against the Operator that may result from (i) violations of these General Terms and Conditions; (ii) your use of the Services; (iii) your user content; (iv) your interactions with Users; (v) your advertisements; or (vi) the reservation, purchase, rental or any other use or use of the goods or services which are the subject of the advertisement, but not limited to any damage, loss or any damage which may arise from or in connection with or result from the reservation , the purchase, rental or any other use or use of the advertised goods or services.

Responsibility for the content

66. The operator is not responsible for any content, including its own content or User content. The operator has no influence on the creation of user content and does not assist in the presentation or use of user content. The operator also does not review user content.

67. Each User is responsible for all of its content and agrees and permits that the Operator may, in accordance with applicable law, store User Content.

68. The operator may check the user content, but does not assume the obligation to control the content, which may be inappropriate, or infringe any rights of third parties or has been imposed in any way contrary to these general terms and conditions and applicable law.

69. The user acknowledges and is aware that by using the services he may be exposed to content that may be offensive, inaccurate or otherwise inappropriate or in some cases mislabeled or otherwise misleading.

Higher force

70. In accordance with these General Terms and Conditions, the Operator is not liable for non-fulfillment or delay in fulfilling its obligations, for any reason beyond its control and resulting from force majeure.

Final Provisions

71. The Operator reserves the right to terminate the provision of the Website at any time, for business reasons, without prior notice.

72. The Operator reserves the right to update or change any part of these General Terms and Conditions at its sole discretion by posting updates and changes on the website. It is the User's duty to periodically check for changes. The continued use of the website and services, after the publication of any changes to these general terms and conditions, means the acceptance of these changes.

Complaints and disputes

73. The administrator complies with the applicable relevant legislation and therefore makes every effort to fulfill its duty to ensure an effective complaint handling system.

74. In case of problems, the User contacts the Operator by submitting a complaint via e-mail: The appeal procedure is confidential.

75. The manager shall use its best endeavors to resolve any disputes amicably.

Application of the law

76. All legal acts, including these general terms and conditions, by which the Manager ensures the provision of its services, are applied and interpreted in accordance with the law of the Republic of Slovenia.

77. The resolution of possible disputes between the Manager and the Users, in which an amicable solution will not be possible, is in the exclusive local jurisdiction of the court in Ljubljana, using the law of the Republic of Slovenia.

VAVEN, razvoj informacijskih tehnologij, d.o.o.
Litostrojska 40b
1000 Ljubljana

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